Advanced Soil Microbiology

TPSS 604


Mitiku Habte

Semesters taught:

Fall 2014, Fall 2015

Skills and knowledge to be acquired:

Study of biochemical and biogeochemical transformations mediated by soil microorganisms, emphasis on processes important to plant growth productivity and environmental quality.

Computer skills to be acquired:

Reports of laboratory exercises and term projects will require that students use word processing, graphics, and statistical packages.


TPSS 304 and MICR 351, or consent


David M. Sylvia, Jeffry J. Fuhrmann, Peter G. Hartel, David A. Zuberer (Eds.). 2004. Principles and Applications of Soil Microbiology (2nd Edition), Prentice Hall, New Jersey.  

Films and videos:

Video: Life in the Soil

Guest Speakers:


Field Trips:


Course organization:

The course is organized into four groups of activity, namely lectures, discussions, laboratory exercises, and independent term projects. Discussion are held weekly and they are based on key questions distributed at least a week prior to the discussion periods. Students are required to submit reports for each laboratory exercise. Results of independent term projects must be subjected to statistical analysis and students are required to submit the reports in a manuscript format. 


The final grades students receive are based on points earned on three one-hour examinations, a final examination, discussions, and independent term projects.

Components                                                                     Possible points

Exams 500Discussions                                                 200

Laboratory report                                                              100

Independent Project                                                         200

Total                                                                                   1000

Letter Grade Assignment

900 -1000-----A

800 - 899------B

700 - 799 -----C

600 - 699------D

        <600– ----F