Marketing Perishable Products

TPSS 322


Staff, Matthew Loke


Students successfully completing this course will gain a general understanding of marketing and how the traditional business school approach is modified for perishable products (foods of plant and animal (land & water) origin, ornamentals). They will be introduced to a range of marketing concepts and their application.

Skills and knowledge to be acquired:

Possible topics include: marketing and markets defined; the differences between agriculture and other businesses; the four Ps; market structure, conduct, and performance; adding value--the functional/utility approach; niche marketing; product positioning and market segmentation; product pricing; futures and hedging; the role of market information; market and consumer research; strategic marketing; marketing plans.

Computer skills to be acquired:



NREM 220, ECON 130 (introductory microeconomics) or consent

Cross-Listed courses:

FSHN 322


F. Bailey Norwood and Jayson L. Lusk. 2008
Agricultural Marketing and Price Analysis. 
Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall, 2008, xi + 445pp.
ISBN 978-0-13-221121-5. 

Films and videos:

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Guest Speakers:

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Field Trips:

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Course organization:

Class meetings are presentation and discussion oriented (10% of grade is based on class participation). Use of Hawaii examples and case studies.


Class Participation 10%
Exams 60%
Project/Presentation/Term Paper


Final grades will be determined from a class curve using the following general guidelines based on total scores: 90% and above = A; 80-90% = B; 70-80% = C; 60-70% = D; and less than 60% = F. No incompletes.


Can be substituted by BUS 312