Agribusiness Certificate

Certificate in Agribusiness Management

This certificate fulfills business and management needs for undergraduate students in the technical fields of agriculture and for business/economics students who want to concentrate in agriculture. Faculty from three departments within the college coordinate and manage the program. The certificate is open to undergraduate majors in any CTAHR program, economics and business. NREM 220 or ECON 130 are prerequisites for the program.


“Business skills are a definite requirement for today’s agriculture.” —Herbert “Monty” Richards, President, Kahua Ranch

“You have to know accounting because you have to have a plan in business, and accounting is a disciplined way of organizing, controlling, and running a business.” —Harold Tanouye, President, Green Point Nursery

“The focus on agribusiness is critical for Hawai‘i right now.” —Susan Matsushima,  President, Alluvion, Inc.

“Agribusiness (training) will give you tools for your business to prosper and open doors to new opportunities.” —Derek Kurisu, Executive Vice-President, KTA Super Stores


The Agribusiness Certificate Program strives to provide you with the skills needed in agribusiness management and entrepreneurship. The agribusiness management certificate program objectives are:

  • To improve your economic decision-making ability.
  • To provide you with entrepreneurial skills essential for starting and managing a successful, sustainable agricultural business.
  • To give you opportunities to gain hands-on experience with modern management science techniques that help agribusiness managers and industry analysts make sound business decisions.
  • To increase your proficiency in formulating problems and implementing solutions using a computer model, with emphasis on spreadsheets
  • To offer you real-world opportunities to evaluate information from a variety of sources in making crucial business decisions.

To contribute to your understanding of marketing, management, finance, and how the traditional business-school approach is modified for perishable plant and animal products raised on land or in the water.

The certificate program consists of courses concentrating on the applications of business, management and economic principles 10 agribusinesses with particular emphasis on the factors that differentiate agriculture and related products and services from other businesses. The certificate program includes four core agribusiness courses:

Core Courses (12 credits)

TPSS 322 Marketing Perishable Products or BUS 312 Principles of Marketing
TPSS 341 Accounting and Financial Analysis
TPSS 351 Enterprise Management
TPSS 429 Spreadsheet Modeling for Business and Economic Analysis