TAE Undergraduate Advisers

Tropical Agriculture and the Environment (TAE) undergraduate students are advised by Academic Advisers in the College and by departmental undergraduate adviser for each track. Undergraduate options (tracks) are detailed in the the Curriculum and Options section. The option advisers can help with course selection and career advising. Each student may identify a faculty member to act as a mentor in the student’s area of interest and specialization.

The advisers are:

Plant Sciences, Genetics and BreedingDr. Kenneth Leonhardt

Plant Production and ManagementDr. Tessie Amore

Landscape Design and ManagementDr. Orville Baldos

Environmental Soil ScienceDr. Noa Lincoln

Insect, Plant Disease and Invasive Species Management Dr. Michael Melzer

TPSS Graduate Adviser
Graduate student are advised by the department’s graduate advisor: Dr. Kenneth Leonhardt .  Graduate options are detailed in the Graduate Programs section.

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