Travel Documents

Just a few reminders involving trips with Personal Stopovers


Have travel agent (provide name & phone#) breakdown airfare cost into business and personal portions.  Another option would be to get and attach an online quote for the direct flight to and from the event. This would be compared to the itinerary with the personal portion and the difference would be considered the personal portion.

Hotels Costs

Separate your personal hotel portion from your business portion by asking the hotel to separate the hotel bill into two bills, personal and business portions.

In order to justify the “reasonableness” of the hotel/lodging costs, please attach 2 additional quotes of hotels in the area. Online quotes are acceptable (ie. through travelocity, orbitz, etc.). This comparison shows the auditors that the rate paid for lodging is considered reasonable. Forgetting to provide the additional quotes could substantially delay any reimbursement due to the traveler.

Car Rental

Separate your personal  and business use by returning the rental car for business and rent again for personal use.  This way it will be easier to get the cost of the business portion of  the car rental.

Tropical Plant and Soil Sciences Forms

Inter-Island Travel Request All airfare purchases require an airline itinerary with the trip justification. You must notate on the form if you want the office staff to purchase your tickets or if you already purchased your tickets.

Out-of-State Travel Request/Advance Excess lodging requires justification for the particular hotel, transportation costs if lodged in another hotel AND at least 2 quotes from other hotels. Excess lodging is not included in the travel advance.

Travel Reimbursement/Completion Instructions If you received a travel advance, you must submit your completion report within 7 working days of the travel completion date (APM A8.851)

P-Card Usage

No travel related expenses, except car rental, are allowed. Inter-island airline tickets can be purchased by the office staff. Please provide a complete itinerary and account number when requesting airfare purchase.

Travel Links

Inter-Island Airlines (please print out an itinerary if you want the office staff to purchase your airline ticket)

Car Rentals (If you have been authorized, you can use your P-Card. Paste your receipt on a sheet of paper and put a justification of your trip. as per the Business Office). Submit the rental agreement with the travel completion For travel within Hawaii, do not take the additional insurance. The State is self insured and any claims have to be submitted to DAGS. Just a reminder, do not accept the Frequent Traveler Program Fee.  This is considered a personal fee that the University does not reimburse.

University of Hawaii Forms

Travel Information

Before any travel documents can be processed for you, please go to the etravel website and create a profile for you. The website for the profiler is Log in with your ITS username and password. Go to the Profiler website and enter your information. Submit that portion and then go to “My Personal Profile” and click on “My Preparers”.  For “Add a Preparer Section for:”, click on “eTravel” and click on “Add”.  Enter these usernames:

  1. rquintoa
  2. stakahas
  3. abejeffr

and click “Update”. You are now profiled for travel document processing. For more information regarding travel, please go to Information on that website includes:

  • Rates
  • Currency Converter
  • Forms
  • FAQ’s