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Welcome to the Tropical Pasture & Livestock Management Academy. The University of Hawaii at Mānoa Cooperative Extension Service (UH-CES) along with cooperative institutions; University of Virgin Islands, University of Guam, Northern Marianas College and local island college's has compiled resources and research information to assist the livestock producers in the Pacific Islands.

The bulk of food resources for the Pacific Islands are imported. The cost of importation of food items to the islands is expensive and will continue to rise, with the rising fuel costs. These costs are passed on to the consumer in the form of higher retail prices. Thus, imported meat and other food products will become increasingly expensive for local Island consumers.

The growing populations along with the large influx of visitors creates a tremendous demand on food resources; especially meat products.  The visitors are often capable and willing to pay higher prices for food than what local consumer in the Islands can afford. Therefore, livestock production on the island is a valuable and important industry that, to a limited extent, can supplement the importation of meat products into the islands.

Lack of experience, training, and financial capital often prevent existing producers from expanding operations and limits the ability for new producers to enter into the industry.  With proper training and experience the overall risk assumed by the producer is reduced and public and private lenders are more likely to provide the necessary financial support for producers to expand or start new operations.

Our aim is to provide outreach and assistance programs in grazing and livestock management to help many existing and new livestock producers acquire the necessary skills and technology for pasture improvement, adopt better grazing management practices, and increase the overall profitability for their operations.