UH Termite Project - PEPS/CTAHR

For Students


Who are we?

If you have found us you may have already heard about or are participating in the UH Termite Project. The UH Termite Project is a hands-on science program for public school students grades K-12. Program staff visits classrooms all around the island of Oahu introducing students to termite biology and management with fun, interactive activities, games and displays.

What will you learn?

Our goal for students is to provide the opportunity to experience how to think and act like a scientist. Students will interact with real life scientists and get the chance to practice the beginnings of scientific research using real live termites! In addition to learning the approaches scientists use, staff will build your background knowledge on termites with fun activities, games and worksheets designed to make you a termite expert. We are here to show you that science is not scary stuff, but rather that science is for anyone who likes to observe, ask and answer questions about the world around them.

What do we expect from our participating students?

Enthusiasm, excitement and energy for learning about termites! We hope to build a team of student termite experts all over the Hawaiian Islands, who will help us in our fight to stop the mighty munchers from eating Hawaii’s homeowners out of house and home. Spread your termite knowledge far and wide…to parents, family, friends and neighbors, so that they too will have the knowledge needed to stop termites from causing costly damage to their homes.


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