UH Termite Project - PEPS/CTAHR

Alate Project Instructions


Termite Alate Swarms Handout with Materials & Methods, Procedure & Data Sheet.

Extra Data Sheets

Instructions for Managing the Online Database

The online database will store the data you collected for each trap. Each trap has its own data table. Please be sure you enter data on the correct table (i.e. WMS001 data goes on the WMS001 database table). Each entry has a unique ID that is used to edit and delete entries. The data is sorted by date, so the entry IDs might not be in order.


  1. Click on Trap Login.
  2. Enter your username and password given in class.
  3. To add data, click on the Add Data button.
    1. Enter the data using the form. Trap IDs and locations are automatically entered. Please be sure you are entering data on the correct database table.
    2. If you know the species of termite collected, check the box next to the species name. If it is not listed, make a note in the Notes section. You may also add temperature, weather conditions, or any other observations to the Notes section.
    3. Click Submit when finished.
  4. To edit data, click on the edit data link (1st column of the table). Each entry has a unique ID to handle editing and deleting entries in the database.
    1. Update the data as necessary and click Submit when finished.
  5. To delete an entry, click on the Delete link at the right. If you want to delete it, click confirm when prompted.


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