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UH Termite Project
Department of Plant & Environmental Protection Sciences
College of Tropical Agriculture & Human Resources

University of Hawaii at Manoa
3050 Maile Way, Room 310
Honolulu, HI 96822-2271

Tel. (808) 956-9191 ยท Fax. (808) 956-2460

Maria Aihara-Sasaki: aiharasa@hawaii.edu
Project Coordinator
(808) 956-2456

For problems with the website, please contact Reina Tong: reinat@hawaii.edu


About Us

The University of Hawaii Termite Project is part of the Department of Plant and Environmental Protection Sciences in University of Hawaii's College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources (CTAHR). One of only a handful of laboratories like it in the entire nation, the UH Termite Project engages in world-class, ground-breaking research in the field of termites and other urban insect pests.

Under the direction of Dr. Ken Grace, the Termite Project continually investigates new technologies and techniques for the control of these subterranean pests. A broad spectrum of applications is studied, including wood treatments, soil treatments, baiting systems, non-chemical barriers, and resistivity of specific materials. Fundamental research in biology, behavior, and genetics completes the overall picture. For a more in-depth look at what goes on at the Termite Project, visit our research page.

UH Termite Project: Educate to Eradicate Program

The UH Termite project: Educate to Eradicate, led by Dr. J. Kenneth Grace and Dr. Julian R. Yates III and directed by Ms. Maria Aihara-Sasaki, is a statewide program intended to suppress termites through research and education. The project is federally funded by the United States Department of Argiculture, Agricultural Research Services.

The educational outreach program is one component of this multi-faceted research project. Public schools are ideal locations to assess termite presence, as they are situated in every community and in every environment. Student involvement is viewed as research assistance, and as a method of extending the research information developed on termite prevention and control into the local community.


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