(Hibiscus manihot)



Pick leaves by cutting or breaking off the branch. Select flowers with large, blooming petals that are not wilted or faded.


Keep refrigerated. Flowers can be preserved and kept in an airtight container in a cool, dark place for longer storage.


  • Wash well before use.
  • Cook leaves in coconut cream/milk or with a mixture of spices to blend the sticky texture and use as a thickener in soups and stews.
  • Leaves and shoots can be baked or stir-fried in savory dishes.
  • Flowers can be added to salads or made into teas and beverages.
  • (Bailey, 1992; Newman & O’Connor; Szilard, 2013)

Photo Source

J. Hollyer


Hibiscus is a small shrub in the Pacific. There are many varieties of edible hibiscus with different leaf shapes, colors, and flavors. Hibiscus has traditional medicinal uses in the Pacific. The plant grows best in well-drained, well-watered fertile soil (Bailey, 1992; Szilard, 2013).

Traditional Names
  • Chamorro – flores rosa
  • Chuukese – sinifo
  • Hawaiian – aloalo
  • Kosraean – lo
  • Marshallese – hibiscus
  • Palauan – isaol
  • Pohnpeian – kolou
  • Samoan – laupele
  • Yapese – bele; gilifeo