Chinese Cabbage



Pick mature cabbage heads that are firm but before they crack. Cut close to the lower surface of the head leaving the stump in the ground.


Keep fresh, unwashed cabbage covered loosely in a plastic bag or perforated bag and refrigerate.


  • Wash plant well before use.
  • Can be eaten fresh in salads.
  • Can be cooked in soups and stews or used in stir-fry with meats and other vegetables.
  • Can be pickled.
  • (Bailey, 1992; University of Illinois Extension, 2013).

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Cabbage exists in many different shapes and varieties around the world and grows best in well-drained, fertile soils. Common varieties in the Pacific include head cabbage (round), Chinese cabbage (napa), bak choi (white-stemmed), red cabbage, kale (flowering), and mustard cabbage (Bailey, 1992).

Traditional Names
  • Chamorro – ripoyu
  • Hawaiian – kāpiki
  • Kosraean – cabbage
  • Marshallese – kabij
  • Palauan – nappa
  • Samoan – kapisi
  • Yapese – nappa