Tubular Green Weed

Tubular Green Weed (Enteromorpha)

Tubular Green Weed


Pick threads and shake well in clean seawater or fresh water to remove trapped small animals and dirt. Be mindful if picking from polluted water.


Wrap plants in taro leaf and keep in a bowl of water. Plants can be dried in plastic bag and kept refrigerated. For longer storage, plants can be frozen or sun dried.


  • Wash plants thoroughly before use.
  • Blanch in boiling water before using in salads, especially if seawater appeared dirty.
  • Can be eaten after blanching or pickled.
  • Cook lightly in coconut milk or salt and add to rice, soups, and stews.
  • Dry plants to a crisp over medium heat.
  • Crumbled flakes can be added to salad, omelette, soup, and cooked vegetables for flavoring.
  • (Novaczek, 2001)

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Tubular Green Weed

Tubular green weed is a growing weed found floating in isolated clumps or covering large bottom areas attached to small stones, shells, and other sea plants. Plants grow best in bays close to rivers and also in polluted waters. Plants can be soft, slender or tubular, simple or branched, and pale green to green in color (Novaczek, 2001).

Traditional Names
  • Hawaiian – limu eleʻele
  • Palauan – char