South Sea Colander

South Sea Colander (Hydroclathrus)

South Sea Colander


Pick on shallow reef flats, in lagoons, and on reef crests.


Can be dried for long storage.


  • Wash plants well before use.
  • Can be eaten fresh in salads
  • Blanch for 2 minutes to add to dishes.
  • Dry to a crisp over medium heat.
  • Crumbled flakes can be added to other foods for flavoring.
  • (Novaczek, 2001)

Photo Source

South Sea Colander

South sea colander is found on shallow reefs and in lagoons. The soft net-like plant has a complex blade full of holes and can be yellow-brown to dark brown in color (Novaczek, 2001).

Traditional Names
  • Palauan – char