Snapper – Long Tail Red

Snapper – Long Tail Red (Etelis coruscans)

Snapper - Long Tail Red


Catch fish in deep waters (600-1000 feet) using vertical hook-and-line gear along rocky bottoms. Best to catch between October and March.


Keep chilled in ice. Can be frozen for longer storage.


  • Wash fish well before use.
  • Remove guts with a knife.
  • Can be eaten raw.
  • Can be baked, steamed, sautéed, or made into soup.
  • Can be cooked whole.
  • (Hawaii Seafood Council, 2012)

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Snapper – Long Tail Red

Long-tail red snapper is a bottomfish and is also known as onaga, ruby snapper or scarlet snapper, because of its bright red color and long tail. The caudal fins end in long, slender points. The flesh is soft, moist, delicate in flavor and clear, light pink in color (Hawaii Seafood Council, 2012).

Traditional Names
  • Hawaiian – ‘ula‘ula koaʻe
  • Kosraean – long
  • Marshallese – lajepetaktak
  • Palauan – sebus
  • Samoan – palu-malau
  • Yapese – faalagi