Sea Cucumber

Sea Cucumber
(Stichopus variegates)

Sea Cucumber


Select sea cucumber from shallow water at low tide.


Keep chilled in ice. Can be frozen or dried for longer storage.


  • Wash sea cucumber well before use.
  • Cut off both ends and slit down the entire body with a knife.
  • Remove the five long white muscles and discard the rest.
  • Can be boiled or pickled.
  • Can be made into soup or chowder.
  • (Rody, 1982)

Photo Source

Sea Cucumber

The sea cucumber has rows of tube feet on the bottom, and cone-shaped spines on the top. It has a mouth on one end and an anus on the other. There are four edible varieties but the most common are gray-brown or black in color (Rody, 1982).

Traditional Names
  • Chamorro – bålåte’
  • Chuukese – penichon
  • Hawaiian – loli
  • Kosraean – wac; wucrucr
  • Marshallese – jibenben; jipenpen
  • Palauan – ngimes
  • Pohnpeian – loangon
  • Samoan – loli; peva; sisigo; amuʻu; fugafuga
  • Yapese – pelipeli