Mangrove Crab

Mangrove Crab (Aratus pisonii)

Mangrove Crab


Catch in traps or on lines in muddy waters at the shoreline. Best to grab from behind by the rear-most legs.


Can be frozen for long storage.


  • Wash crab well before use.
  • Boil in water.
  • Can be boiled alive.
  • Can be made into soup and pairs well with coconut cream/milk.
  • Meat can be eaten hot or cold but discard the shells.
  • (Rody, 1982)

Photo Source


Mangrove Crab

Mangrove crabs are black in color but turn red when cooked (Rody, 1982).

Traditional Names
  • Chamorro – panglao oron; atmangaog
  • Chuukese – nipwei
  • Hawaiian – pāpaʻi
  • Kosraean – powac
  • Marshallese – jebarbar; baru
  • Palauan – chemang
  • Pohnpeian –elimoang
  • Samoan – paʻa
  • Yapese – ragiumwul liuwen maliile