Mahimahi (Coryphaena hippurus)



Catch fish with longline fishing gear or using lures and baits by trollers near aggregation buoys. Best to catch from March to May and September to November.


Keep chilled in ice. Can be frozen for longer storage.


  • Wash fish well before use.
  • Remove the guts with a knife.
  • Can be grilled, broiled, or sautéed.
  • Cook only until the flesh flakes to avoid overcooking.
  • (Hawaii Seafood Council, 2012)

Photo Source

US Fish & Wildlife Service


Mahimahi is also known as dorado or dolphin fish. It looks bright blue and silver with spots or patches of yellow when the fish takes the hook. The flesh is firm, mild to sweet in flavor, and light pink in color, but turns white when cooked (Hawaii Seafood Council, 2012).

Traditional Names
  • Hawaiian – mahimahi
  • Kosraean – selpasr
  • Marshallese – coco
  • Palauan – ersuuch
  • Pohnpeian – kohko
  • Samoan – masimasi
  • Yapese – teparo