Little Wire Weed

Little Wire Weed (Gelidiella)

Little Wire Weed


Pick plants that grow abundantly. Pluck off upper branches leaving lower ones attached to other sea plants and shells.


Can be refrigerated or frozen but are best dried.


  • Wash well before use.
  • Can be eaten fresh but has a very tough texture.
  • Blanch plants and add to salads or pickles.
  • Can be added to soups and stews.
  • Boil with fruit juice to make jelly.
  • Can wet and dry repeatedly until bleached and rehydrate in boiling water.
  • (Novaczek, 2001)

Photo Source

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Little Wire Weed

Little wire weed is commonly found on intertidal and shallow reefs. The plant prefers surf and fast currents, but can also grow in sheltered habitats. The plant is pale green or greenish yellow in color with a dark brown or black base and rubbery, springy texture. Branches are rigid and flattened with opposite or irregular patterns (Novaczek, 2001).

Traditional Names
  • Palauan – char