Groupers (Epinephelini)



Catch fish using nets, spear, hook and line, or traps. Be mindful of ciguatera toxin and check the news for a possible outbreak in the area.


Keep fish chilled in a cooler or refrigerator. Can be frozen for longer storage.


  • •Wash fish well before use.
  • •Remove the guts with a knife.

Photo Source


Groupers are bottom dweller fishes with a wide rangeof sizes and habitats. Most species have a single dorsal fin with spines and small scales that are rough in texture (Division of Aquatic and Wildlife Resources, Guam Department of Agriculture; Myers, 1999).

Flagtail, Honeycomb, Marbled

1.  Flagtail grouper (Cephalopholis urodeta)
Is relatively small in size. Can be found on lagoon and seaward reefs.


2.  Honeycomb grouper (Epinephelus merra)
Also known as the dwarf spotted grouper, it is relatively small in size and can be found on shallow lagoon and seaward reefs.


3.  Marbled grouper (Epinephelus polyphekadion)
Also known as the camouflage gouper, it can be found in lagoon and seaward reefs in areas with plenty of coral.

Peacock & Giant Coral

4.  Peacock grouper (Cephalopholis argus)
Can be found on lagoon and seaward reefs in areas with plenty of coral and clear water.


5.  Giant coral grouper (Plectropomus laevis)
Also known as the saddleback grouper, it has two basic color phases: the saddleback phase and a blue spotted reddish-brown phase with lighter saddles. Can be found in lagoon and seaward reefs in areas with plenty of coral.

Traditional Names
  • Chamorro – gådao; amådiu 1; gådao alutong finu 3; gådao måslos 4
  • Hawaiian – roi 4
  • Kosraean – kalsrihk; kalsrihk ul 3; tohsrihsr 5
  • Marshallese – kuro 3; ikwut 5
  • Palauan – ollos 1; chimirchorch 2; ksau 3; keksau 3; mardelucheb 4; mengardeluu 4; katuultiau 5
  • Pohnpeian – wiidir 2; ripw ripw 3; mwolus 4
  • Samoan – gatala; ata-ata; vaolo; mataʻele 1; gatala-aloalo 2,3; gatala-pulepule 2; gatala-nijoliʻl 3; gatala-uli 4; loi 4; ata-ata-uli 5; vaolo 5
  • Yapese – haliye; gemashiyore 1; haliyeshoale 2; maleogiu 3; haliyeliye 4; taiyaawe 5