Flower Limu

Flower Limu (Laurencia)

Flower Limu


Pinch or cut upright branches. Shake them thoroughly in salt water to remove dirt.


Cannot be preserved.


  • •Wash plants well before use.
  • •Can be eaten fresh in salads.
  • •Can be cooked or salted and used as a spice forflavoring.
  • (Novaczek, 2001)

Photo Source

University of Hawaii

Flower Limu

Flower limu is found on sand, rock or coral in shallowwater and low tides. Branches are cylindrical or flattened and can be red, pink, purple, yellowish-green or black in color. The plant is often entangled or covered with sand (Novaczek, 2001).

Traditional Names
  • Hawaiian – limu peʻepeʻe
  • Palauan – char