Starfruit Parfait

*CAUTION: Individuals with Chronic Kidney Disease should NOT eat starfruit.

1 small starfruit
½ cup chopped fruits of choice (we used banana, papaya & dragonfruit)
¾ cup low-fat plain yogurt
4 teaspoons honey
½ cup granola

1.) Wash hands well with soap & water. Rinse and rub produce with just water.
2.) Cut starfruit into slices.
3.) Cut a slit into a section of 2 slices of starfruit. Set aside.
4.) Chop up remaining starfruit into small pieces. Set aside. (You can remove the seeds if you want, but they are edible!)
5.) Add a thin layer of chopped fruit & starfruit to the bottom of an 8 oz clear jar or cup.
6.) Add a thin layer of yogurt.
7.) Add a drizzle of honey.
8.) Add a layer of granola.
9.) Repeat steps 5 – 8 once more until the jar or cup is full. Use the remaining ingredients to make one more parfait.
10.) Place the starfruit slice that you cut a slit into on the rim of the jar for each parfait.

*Serve immediately for best quality! If stored overnight, the parfait may become watery due to liquid being released from the fruit.

Instead of honey you can use maple syrup
Instead of granola you can use nuts, seeds, cereal
Instead of plain yogurt you can use flavored yogurt*

Video screenshot of finished starfruit parfait

Watch the video

Recipe & Videography by: Cherese Shelton
Video editing by: Cherese Shelton

*Flavored yogurt generally has more sugar than plain yogurt, so if using flavored yogurt, decrease or remove the honey in this recipe.