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Step 2: General Risk Assessment

Checklist: Ranch: Greenhouse: Packing House:
[pdf] Greenhouse Checklist coming soon! [pdf]

Step 3: GAP 201 Learn About Topics

Topic: Resource:
1. Land Use  N/A
2. Agricultural Water  1. Food & Water Testing Laboratories in Hawaiʻi
2. Water Quality
3. University of California-Davis Ag Water Excel Tool (center of page)
4. University of Arizona Ag Water App
5. Backflow Prevention & Cross-Connections
6. Rainwater Catchment Project
6. Testing Documents:

Water Testing: Ranch: Greenhouse: Packing House:
pdf pdf n/a
3. Soil Amendments N/A
4. Worker Health, Hygiene, & Training Farm Labor Regulations & Postings
5. Domesticated & Wild Animals
Pre-Harvest Security Guidelines & Checklist 2006: Ranch: Greenhouse: Packing House:
[pdf] [pdf] n/a
6. Crop Protection N/A
7. Post-Harvest Handling & Sanitation Packing Houses (Packing Sheds) for Rinsing & Packing Produce
8. Equipment, Tools, & Buildings N/A
9. Transportation N/A
10.Traceability Traceback & The Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) 
11.Foodborne Illness & Pathogens N/A

Step 5: Getting Your Third Audit Process

Additional Packing House Information

Mock Audit: Ranch: Greenhouse: Packing House:
[pdf] [pdf] [pdf]
Real Audit: USDA: Primus Labs: NSF: SCS:
FV-237A USDA Request for Audit Services
GAP GHP User Guide
GAP GHP Checklist
Contact auditor Contact auditor Contact auditor

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