Tools & Pubs.

Our education team has developed a number of tools to help you with your audit.  The items below are part of the Educators Toolkit.  During your initial client visit, our educators can help you to choose which items apply to your farm, greenhouse, packing house, and/or processing operation.   For more information on the items in the Toolkit, please look through the topics on the drop-down menu.  But first, here is your manual front insert where you can describe your farm in sufficient detail.

Document Ranch Audit Greenhouse Audit Packing Shed / Wholesaler Audit
Client Information Sheet (“Green Sheet”) Coming soon Coming soon Coming soon
Food Safety Checklist Coming soon Coming soon Packinghouse Audit  [pdf] (9/23/13)
Food Safety Checklist – Chinese [pdf] Food Safety Checklist – Chinese [pdf]
Farm Description Farm Description for GAPs Manuals [pdf] Farm Description for GAPs Manuals [pdf]
SOPs [pdf]  [doc] [pdf]  [doc] Log Sheets and SOPs in an excel file [xls] [pdf]
Cleaning and Disposing of Pesticide Containers [pdf] [pdf]
SECTION 2:  Water test
Water Sampling Procedure [pdf] [pdf]
SECTION 3: Mock Audit
Mock Audit Mock Audit (v07.04) Mock Audit (v07.08) Mock Audit   (v08.06)
SECTION 4: Log Sheets
Log Sheets See Logs Page See Logs Page
SECTION 5:  Educational Materials
Keeping America’s Food Safe [pdf] [pdf] [pdf]
PreHarvest Security Guidelines and Checklist 2006 [pdf] [pdf]
Food Security Training for Facility Staff [link]