Learning Videos:

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Streaming Video Title Length MP4
Introduction to Food Safety 33 sec MP4
Good Agricultural Practices on the Farm and in Your Home Garden 13 min MP4
Portable Hand Washing Station 74 sec MP4
Handwashing from a farm manager’s perspective
82 sec MP4
Outdoor Rodent Traps 40 sec MP4
Live Rodent Trap – Example 1 15 sec MP4
Live Rodent Trap – Example 2 58 sec MP4
Examples of Harvest Baskets 93 sec MP4
More Examples 37 sec MP4
How to Clean Your Harvest Basket 66 sec MP4
Managing Rats in your Home, Garden, and Farm
5 min 49 sec
Labeling Boxes for Sale 14 min 30 sec MP4
Keeping Pests from Your Crops 52 sec MP4
Keeping Your Harvest Tools Clean 78 sec MP4
Using a Pallet at the Farmers Market 48 sec MP4
Employee Eating Area 30 sec MP4
First Aid Station 13 sec MP4
Safe Produce: Keep it Clean

Safe Produce: Keep It Clean

2 min 32 sec safe produce ico
USDA GAP Certification (7 part)
1. Introduction to GAP Certification
2. Understanding Microbes, Record Keeping and Common Risks
3. Farm Review
4.Field Harvest and Packing
5.House Packing Facility
6. Storage and Transportation
7. Food Defense
Aquaponics Webinar Series

Related Food Safety Topics

Streaming Video Title Length MP4
Do it Right (Food Safety Training Video) (CTAHR Good Processing) 18 min MP4