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rat lungworm infection

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UH-CTAHR Extension Publications

Growers General Public Home Gardeners
Best On-Farm Food Safety Practices:  Reducing Risks Associated with Rat Lungworm Infection and Human Eosinophilic Meningitis by James R. Hollyer, Vanessa A. Troegner, Robert H. Cowie, Robert G. Hollingsworth, Lynn C. Nakamura-Tengan, Luisa F. Castro, and Arlene E. Buchholz Be Calm handout imageKeep Calm and Minimize Your Risk of Rat Lungworm Disease by Kylie Wong Snail and Slug Management handoutPreventing Rat Lungworm Disease: Managing Snails and Slugs by Cynthia Nazario-Leary

Slug and Snail Pesticides Registered for Hawai’i – Commercial Growers, Landscapers, and Pest Control Operators by Jensen Uyeda, Robin Shimabuku, Kylie Wong, Cynthia Nazario-Leary, Fred Reppun, Randy Hamasaki, Sharon Wages, Jari Sugano, Nancy Ooki, Lynn Nakamura-Tengan, and Kelvin Sewake.
Safe Produce: Keep it Clean Handout (pdf, 5.5″ x 8.5″)

Reduce the Risk of Rat Lungworm Disease
Be Food Safe: Rinse Thoroughly Looking for more RLWD infoLooking for More Rat Lungworm Information by Julia Zee
Slug And Snail Pesticides for Hawaii Home and Garden Use by Cynthia Nazario-Leary, Fred Reppun, Kylie Wong, Randy Hamasaki, Sharon Wages, Jari Sugano, Jensen Uyeda, Robin Shimabuku, Nancy Ooki, Lynn Nakamura-Tengan, and Kelvin Sewake. Special thanks toSteve Russo and Derek Shigemasu, Hawaii Department of Agriculture for assistance in reviewing this document. In the Kitchen RLWD PreventionPrevent Rat Lungworm Disease In the Kitchen by Julia Zee & Lynn Nakamura-Tengan
RAP & GAP: Good, Bettah, Mo Bettah Avoid Contracting Angiostrongyliasis (Rat Lungworm Infection):  Wash Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Before Eating! by Aurora A. Saulo

Hawaiʻi Rainwater Catchment System Programs

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Rat Lungworm Vector Control Checklist

If you have any questions or concerns about rat lungworm infection, please contact the Director of the Hawaii Department of Health on Oahu: Phone: (808) 586-4410.