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What is SPIN?

SPecial INterest groups are 5+ youth learning about a topic of interest led by volunteers.


A 4-H SPIN club is a special interest club where five or more young people learn about a topic of interest. Topics vary and may include projects such as nature, heritage arts, science, engineering, gardening, technology, and more. SPIN clubs are led by volunteers who have a passion and want to share their knowledge with young people.

SPIN Volunteers can have a positive impact on the next generation of young people in their community by sharing their experience and knowledge.

SPIN Clubs are planned around the volunteer’s availability. Each club meets six or more times for at least one hour per session. Meeting dates are set by the volunteer, based on availability of potential participants. The meeting location is selected for the type of activity and number of participants.


Our Mission
To help youth learn skills for living

Our Values
Because we value youth and their families, we believe in

      • Life-long learning that improves the quality of life today and prepares youth for a successful future.
      • Research-based education that empowers volunteers to use their skills and talents to teach youth life skills through hands-on learning experiences.
      • All youth regardless of their economic, social or family background, cultural status, religion, age, ability, or gender.

Our Vision

Help youth, adults, and families reach their fullest potential by

      • Providing real-world learning experiences that allow youth to learn and practice skills they need today and in their future.
      • Supporting youth in their own neighborhoods and communities with hands-on learning experiences.
      • Involving youth in decision making
      • Encouraging youth/adult partnerships


Hawaii 4-H focuses on three mission mandates: science, healthy living, and citizenship.


For over 100 years, 4-H has engaged young people in learning about science, including animal science, food science, crop science, and ag engineering. That list has expanded to include aerospace, robotics, geospatial technologies, computer science, and media technology.

Healthy Living

4-H is committed to physical, mental, and emotional health of youth so they can lead healthy and productive lives. 4-H is a national leader in health issues, including healthy eating, physical activity, personal safety, and mental and emotional health.

Leadership and Citizenship

By empowering young people to make well-informed decisions, 4-H helps youth have a meaningful role in their neighborhoods and communities. Civic engagement helps youth develop knowledge and skills that will help them become competent and caring community leaders.