Oahu County 4-H Cooking Video Challenge

Oahu County 4-H “Family Traditions” Cooking Video Challenge

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  • Registration Form–Sign-up and register by Monday, February 15th!
  • Cover Sheet–Complete and submit with your entry  Word   PDF
  • Guidelines–Find out what the Challenge would be for the different divisions
  • Cloverbud Division (5-8 years) Comment Form  Word    PDF
  • Rubric for Junior (9-11 years), Intermediate (12-13 years), and Senior (14-19 years) Division
    Word   PDF
  • Top of the Show (purple ribbon): Highest score in the Age Division
  • Junior, Intermediate and Senior Division Ribbons (Blue, Red, and White ribbons)
  • Cloverbud Participatory Ribbon (green ribbons)
  • People’s Choice Award (Divisions for Junior, Intermediate and Senior):

–Most likes on Facebook or

–Most likes on Instagram

*Entrance for each division can only receive one (1) People’s Choice Award

*If a participant receives the most likes for both social media platforms, the social media with the highest likes for that Age Division will determine their People’s Choice Award and the participant with the next most likes for the other social media will receive that People’s Choice Award

(i.e., Leigh received the most likes for Facebook and Instagram in the Senior Division, but her Facebook likes were higher than Instagram likes.  She will receive the People’s Choice Award for Facebook Category.  Rory had the next most likes in Instagram and will receive the People’s Choice Award for Instagram Category.)

Video Entries

View cooking videos by clicking on “video” or the photo of the food entry.

Also check out the recipe in PDF format

Cloverbud Division (1)

Smoke Meat Vegetable Calzone

Video   Recipe

Junior Division (3)

Kulolo Mochi

Video   Recipe


Video   Recipe

Strawberry Mango Smoothie

Video   Recipe

Intermediate Division (1)

Lava Cake

Video   Recipe

Senior Division (2)

Butter-Free Banana Bread

Video   Recipe

Hawaiian Fruit Ambrosia

Video   Recipe