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2020 Fashion Revue Forms


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Sample Fashion Revue Entry Form (Junior, Intermediate, Senior Division)


  • Build self-confidence and poise by selecting, constructing and modeling garments.
  • Develop skill in planning, selecting and making appropriate clothing for different occasions.
  • Select suitable and enhancing accessories to meet one’s wardrobe needs.
  • Model with confidence and pride your choice of garment.
  • Develop good posture and grooming habits.
  • Learn to acquire basic knowledge of fashion design, trends, style, development.

COMPLETE AND SUBMIT (one per entry, leave entry number blank):

  • Cover Sheet to identify the participant with the entry
  • Individual Entry Form for Junior, Intermediate or Senior Division only
  • Score Sheet for Junior, Intermediate or Senior Division only
  • Cloverbud Feedback Sheet for Cloverbud Division only
  • A copy of the written Commentary
  • Pre-recorded video
    • Participant modeling the garment/sewing project with appropriate music (1 minute long)
    • Participant reading their commentary (20 second commentary will be edited into the modeling portion of the video)


Please submit all necessary attachments to File Drop at,
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Please note:  Emailing submissions directly to the 4-H Agent may not guarantee
that it will be entirely received.