Oahu 4-H Virtual Photography Club

4-H is here for you.  While we are social distancing to keep everyone safe, we can still have 4-H.  Photography is fun and a great social distancing activity.

Who: This 4-H Club is designed for youth in grades 6th-9th.  We started out as a military affiliated youth club but the group has voted to open the club up to ALL youth  (6th-9th grade)on Oahu!  The more the merrier!

What:Youth will begin with learning basics of photography including lighting, composition and editing.  Youth will progress to learning advanced skills, videography and blogging.

How and Where: The club will use Google Classrooms to post weekly photography skill building activities.  It is recommend that you check Google Classrooms weekly and practice your photography skills at least an hour a week. However, you can work at your own pace and do the photography activities around your schedule.  A monthly zoom meeting with club members will take place via zoom to discuss the photography activities and to meet one another. Photography outings and in-person activities will be conducted depending on Covid-19 guidelines.

Cost and Equipment: This club is free to join.  Youth will need to have access to google classroom and zoom.  Youth will use their own camera (Digital, Phone, Tablet, or DSLR). A dedicated notebook for photography is recommend.

When: Join Anytime! Our club is flexible and allows youth to work at their own pace.


Weekly Activities Released Every Monday at 3pm on Google Classrooms.

Monthly Activity Zoom Meeting-2nd Saturday of the month at 10am

Club Leadership Meeting- Last Wednesday of everyoter month. 

See Fall 21 Schedule Here:4h Photo Schedule 

To sign up for our Hawaii 4-H Virtual Photography

Club please sign up here:


For questions or comments please contact:

Kate Eickstead

4-H Military Partnership Coordinator