Helping the Community
The Lana’i Kauna’oa 4-H club has been busy the past few months engaging in learning projects and community service!

In December, 2022, the Lana’i 4-H kids got busy making cookies and “Thank You” cards that they then distributed to different community agencies, including the Police and Fire Department, Lana’i Post Office, Lana’i Community Health Center, Lana’i Senior Center, Lana’i Art Center and Lana’i Kinaole. Mahalo to our adult Volunteers: Monique Bolo, Chan Schilling, Kerri Glickstein, Susan Book and Isaac Belez.

What a Great Opportunity!!
In February, several students from 4-H and the middle and high school computer class got together to learning about precision agriculture and coding Arduinos to gather data through programming field sensors. Most of the kids want to continue and want to take it further by learning how to program the water pump system. Two of the students (Jedidiah and Landon) would like to use the system in their school garden.

Mahalo to the volunteers and guest speakers from Bayer on Maui for their time, especially John Anderson for coordinating the workshop and Richard White for teaching the students how to code. Other speakers from Bayer included Edgar Cordero and Elmer Obere who spoke about agronomy and technology in agriculture, and the Career Discussion speakers: Noah Hammamura, James Frietas, Mark Tristan Virgino, Etienne Bautista, Dr. Clayton Bania, and Brian Hopper.