Oahu Co. 4-H Photography Contest Winners

Oahu Co. 4-H Photography Contest 2021

Theme: Tropical Nature

The Military 4-H Virtual Photography Club, which formed last year, was asked if they would share their skills and host a county wide photography contest. The club jumped on the opportunity to evaluate their fellow 4-H peers on the island. The group quickly decided on a tropical nature theme and followed simple 4-H guidelines to run a contest.

All Oahu 4-Hers were ask to try their hand at photography and submit their work for judging and prizes. They were given instructions and tips on what makes a great photo. A total of 28 entries were submitted.

The 4-H club’s youth leadership met via Zoom and evaluated each picture, judging them based on focus, lighting, composition, distance, appeal and captions which were all components of our club learning this past year.

For Cloverbud,ages 5-8, Youth are not scored but given feedback and tips to make the best better. They also receive 4-H participation ribbons for their entry. Intermediate, junior and senior age divisions are judged using a scoring rubric. They are also given feedback by the judging team. Their score then dictates what ribbon placement which follows the danish ribbon system. After judging and scoring the group evaluated the photos for the following categories; best in age division, best overall, best for zoom background, and best use of color.

We are happy to announce our placements for the Oahu Co. 4-H Tropical Photography contest.

Best for Intermediate Division- Jett Tabbal, CYS -Schofield School Age Center 4-H, “Peaceful Valley Isle”

Best for Junior Division-Jordyn England,Hickam SAC 4-H “rainy day”

Best for Senior Division- No Entries

Best Use of Color- Abigail Casey,Manawalea 4-H Club, “Hawaiian Sunset Plumeria”

Best for Zoom Background- Jett Tabbal, CYS -Schofield School Age Center 4-H, “Peaceful Valley Isle”

Best Overall Tropical Theme – Zachariah Casey Manawalea 4-H Club “Wai Nui Mango”

Feedback form,Ribbons and prizes for best of category will be given to participants at Oahu Co. Recognition ceremony or mailed.

Thank you to all of the participants.  It was amazing to see such talent!  #4Hgrowshere