Spring Flowers in Winter

Paper Flower Bouquets for Community Service Project
This year the 4-H Ilima club organized a county-wide service project to make paper flower bouquets and donate them to the Hale Makua Care Home in Wailuku.

To make a bouquet for each resident, 67 flower vases in total were needed to be donated. 4-H members participating in the project were given an instruction and supply sheet for making a variety of flowers.

Everyone provided their own glass jar to put the flowers in. The organizers found that a spaghetti jar works best (remove the label). The Ilima club supplied the paper, stems, and floral tape. Each member made at least 10 flowers per vase.

After the clubs were done, the 4-H Ilima Club collected the flowers and jars and delivered them to Hale Makua in December 2020. The results were beautiful bouquets of colorful flowers that brouthg chair to the residents of the care home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Flower Direction Sheet: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Ynft6zMmUdRdK29lUTXeRWc4KsUysWNNC2gMaAjD_BY/edit