Food Safety

By: Karissa Ginoza, Club Reporter

Lucky Clovers Youngers Club learning about food safety at the Fork and Salad RestaurantOn March 3rd, 2019, the Lucky Clover Youngers club visited Fork and Salad in Kihei. There, we learned more about food safety and how to clean and prepare our food. We learned that when storing food in a refrigerator, the meat is on the bottom, vegetables are in the middle, and prepared food should be on the top to prevent cross-contamination. Club posing with chef from Fork and Salad restaurant

We also learned that we should always wash our fruits or vegetables, even though we do not eat the skin.  For example, we do not eat the skin of an avocado, however, we should still wash it because the bacteria might spread into the edible part of it when we cut through it.

After learning about food safety at Fork and Salad, we headed over to Kalama Park and had a nice lunch.