Learning About Immigrants in Hawaii

By Macy Fillazar, Club Reporter – On January 7, 2018 the Lucky Clovers Youngers had a meeting and learned about the impact of the immigrants to our Hawaiian culture. We gathered at Kepaniwai in lao Valley and started with the game Jeopardy. The game included subjects relating to how the immigrants shaped the pidgin language and how each culture brought special foods and traditions. After concluding that Xia Ota, our club president, was our winner we moved on to the next activity.

We had a scavenger hunt visiting the different ethnic home located at Kepaniwai. We worked together to find, in total, 20 blue cards (five in each home). Each card held a piece of a picture which had plantation workers posing in the pineapple fields. Other than collecting blue cards, we learned many things about immigrants. The pidgin language was a way for all the immigrants to communicate with each other.

Did you know that the Portuguese came in families while the other immigrants came as single men?