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For over the past 45 years, the University of Hawai‘i Speech and Hearing Clinic (UHSHC) has been providing speech, language, and hearing services to the Hawai‘i community. The clinic provides multi-disciplinary diagnostic evaluations and therapeutic services to children and adults on an outpatient basis. Our clinic is affiliated with University Clinical, Education and Research Associates (UCERA) which is the faculty practice organization created to support the clinical, academic, and research activities of the faculty of the University of Hawai‘i John A. Burns School of Medicine (JABSOM).

A Learning Facility: The UHSHC serves as a teaching facility for speech pathology graduate students who enrolled in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders, John A. Burns School of Medicine, University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa.  Graduate students work directly with patients under the close supervision of an instructor (a certified speech-language pathologist and/or audiologist). Supervisors are on site and available for student consultation.  That supervision includes direct demonstration, direct observation through audio-visual monitoring system, and videotaped observations.

A Research Facility: Ongoing research projects are an integral part of the clinic. This integration of science with service and education ensures that the best clinical practices are offered to the community.

Speech and language services provided by UHSHC include:

  • Comprehensive speech, language, and cognitive-communicative evaluations
  • Individual and group therapy for children and adults with disorders of articulation, fluency, voice, language, and/or cognitive-communication
  • Individual therapy for speech-language disorders following a stroke, brain injury, or laryngectomy
  • Augmentative communication device training (for individuals with limited or no speech)
  • Aural rehabilitation

Hearing services provided by UHSHC include:

  • Comprehensive hearing evaluations
  • Special auditory testing including tympanometry, and acoustic reflexes
  • Hearing aid consultations, evaluations, fittings, and dispensing
  • Consultation, evaluation, fittings, and dispensing of assistive hearing technologies
  • Fitting and dispensing of custom-made ear plugs for individuals exposed to noise as well as swimmers

Fee for services: The UHSHC will file charges for clinical services.  Our fees are competitive with those charged at other agencies in the community.  You will be advised prior to services being rendered of specific services to be provided and the expected cost of those services for self-pay patients.  The clinic can bill your health insurance company when services provided by the UHSHC are included in your health care plan.  A patient is primarily responsible to check if their insurance covers clinical services, co-pay prices, and the number of sessions that are covered by insurance.  However, your health insurance plan may not reimburse for all services, regardless if you or your health care provider believe it is necessary.  If your insurance does not reimburse for clinical services provided by the UHSHC, you will be responsible for non-covered fee.  The UHSHC will provide advance notice if there is a possibility that our clinical services may not be covered by your health insurance plan.

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