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Prerequisite Certification Program (PCP)

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The University of Hawai’i (UH) Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) is now offering a Prerequisite Certification Program (PCP) through the John A. Burns School of Medicine (JABSOM) and UH Mānoa Outreach College. This program provides the foundational CSD training required for acceptance into graduate programs for speech-language pathology or audiology in the United States.

  • Students can complete the seven PCP courses within one year.
  • After satisfactorily (B- or better) completing the seven PCP courses, students receive a certificate of completion from JABSOM.
  • Individual courses may also be taken to fulfill particular prerequisite needs. However, all seven courses must be completed satisfactorily to receive the PCP certificate.
  • Courses are taught by UH CSD faculty from JABSOM. Instructors are available throughout the courses to advise students.
  • All courses are offered online and can be taken from anywhere in the world.
  • Unlike ASHA CEU courses, which provide continuing education hours after licensure, PCP courses fulfill the CSD specific coursework required to enter graduate school.


Tuition and Fees

$1,338 per course

$9,366 for full program of 7 courses

Course Descriptions

CSD 431 Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech and Hearing Mechanism (3) Will overview anatomy and physiology of speech and hearing. Students gain exposure to structures and functions of respiration, phonation, resonance, articulation, deglutition, and hearing systems required for normal communication and swallowing. Repeatable unlimited times. A-F only. (Fall only)

CSD 432 Phonetics (3) Introduction to the fundamentals of phonetic and phonological development. International Phonetic Alphabet Transcription of English speech sounds; phonological developments and models; cultural variations; analysis interpretation and other considerations related to speech sound development and production. Repeatable unlimited times. A-F only. (Fall only)

CSD 433 Speech and Language Development (3) Will develop an understanding of children’s acquisition of speech, language, and normal communication development from birth through adolescence. Repeatable unlimited times. A-F only. (Fall only)

CSD 434 Acoustics and Psychoacoustics of Speech and Hearing (3) Provides an understanding of the fundamental processes underlying the production and perception of speech. Students gain an understanding of the physical and psychological aspects of sound and their measurement. Repeatable unlimited times. A-F only. (Spring only)

CSD 435 Introduction to Clinical Methods in Communication Sciences and Disorders (3) Provides observation and discussion of the clinical management of individuals with communication disorders, and practical experience related to clinical procedures and requirements. Repeatable unlimited times. A-F only. (Spring only)

CSD 436 Introduction to Communication Sciences and Disorders (3) Information and theoretical foundations serve as an introduction to the field of communication disorders. Will provide an overview of the normal processes and disorders of speech, language, hearing, and swallowing. Repeatable unlimited times. A-F only. (Spring only)

CSD 437 Introduction to Audiometry and Auditory Disorders (3) Covers anatomy and physiology of the auditory system, acoustic, basic knowledge of auditory disorders and testing procedures, and introduction to rehabilitative audiology. Repeatable unlimited times. A-F only. (Summer only)

Application and Residency Form Deadline (http://www.outreach.hawaii.edu/myuh/apply.asp)

Extension Term Full-term course Varied Schedule course Notification of Acceptance
Summer 2016 May 18, 2016 5 working days prior to the start of the course. Students will be notified of their acceptance within 5 working days from the date the application is received.Anticipate delays during peak application period.
Fall 2016 (Aug 22-Dec 16, 2016) August 5, 2016
Spring 2017 (Jan 9- May 12,2017) December 23, 2016
Summer 2017 (May 22-Aug 11, 2017) May 5, 2017


Admission Requirements

To attend an Outreach College Extension term at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, students submit an application for admission, and upon approval, register for courses.

You are eligible to apply for admission if:

  1. you are a high school graduate
  2. have a GED equivalency
  3. you are a current or former student of a regionally accredited U.S. college or university with a college degree or 24 transferable college credits and in good academic standing at your home institution.
  4. you are a native English speaker or are proficient in English (click here for more information)

An acceptance email or letter will be sent to you. Once accepted, go to the MyUH Portal to register.


If you still have questions about our Pre-Requisite Certification Program (PCP), please contact us by using the form below. For more information about our M.S. Program please click here.

Note: Please read through our website thoroughly prior to contacting any of our faculty or staff members with your questions.

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