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Prospective Master’s Degree Students

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The Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) is one of the few U.S. interdisciplinary programs that prepares students in a multilingual and multicultural environment. This program offers a Master of Science degree in speech pathology. Click here to learn more about our Master’s degree options!

Admission is competitive, our admissions committee is looking for applicants who have

  • a strong academic record
  • a strong overall GPA
  • performed well on standardized tests (usually the GRE)
  • completed the prerequisite courses and fulfilled all entry requirements
  • excelled in CSD-related coursework
  • effective written and oral communication skills
  • a well-written, carefully considered personal statement
  • clear career goals and who understand the field of CSD
  • relevant observation hours in volunteer, school-sponsored (e.g. internships), or work experience  Click here to learn more about our pre-requisites

Applicants to UHM’s CSD program should have both an appropriate academic background and relevant experience. Applicants should also be able to demonstrate their interest and commitment.


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