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NEW CLINIC at CSD expands services for hearing and language disorders

Story by Tina Shelton, Commmunications Director, John A. Burns School of Medicine

For more than 45 years, the University of Hawai’i Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) has been providing speech, language, and hearing services to the Hawai’i community. Our clinic has been reborn in a new suite of offices, clinical space and top-of-the-line equipment, at the Gold Bond Building, Suite 625, on 677 Ala Moana Boulevard. The clinic also is expanding its services to include hearing evaluation and hearing aid dispensing and fitting, and will accept major insurance plans.(With Flashplayer, enjoy a slideshow of the blessing ceremony held April 17, 2013. Or click HERE. )

CSD is a part of the University of Hawai`i John A. Burns School of Medicine (JABSOM). Our CSD graduates work in Hawai`i’s public schools, healthcare facilities, nursing homes, serving the military, and in private practice.

We help those who: •Have lost the ability to understand or express speech, caused by brain damage including stroke or head injuries sustained in falls or accidents •Those who stutter •Have articulation and language disorders •Language-based learning disorders •Have suffered traumatic brain injury •Have voice and swallowing disorders •Suffer autism •Suffer dementia •Suffer hearing loss

Also, we help Hawai`i comply with federal law which mandates speech pathology in the schools for qualified children. Early intervention often helps to reduce or avoid more severe communication disorders and improves academic outcomes.

New Services for the Public:

  • Two doctoral-level assistant professor/audiologists provide high-quality audiology services, including hearing evaluation and hearing aid dispensing and fitting.
  • Our sound booth, audiological diagnostic testing equipments, and hearing aid fitting and verification devices are all newly purchased.
  • We fit state-of-art digital hearing aids based on individual’s need.
  • We provide individualized clinical care to serve people with hearing impairment.
  • We accept patients with a variety of health insurances for audiology services.

We are taking patients for hearing evaluation now, and will begin hearing aid services next month (May 2013).

All CSD faculty members are active members of the Hawai`i Speech-Language and Hearing Association, with our department chair, Dr. Henry Lew, currently serving as its President. JABSOM’s Communications and Science Disorders Department also works to:

CREATE JOBS: Our graduates usually obtain jobs as a clinical fellows in speech-language pathology and become certified SLPs upon completion of their fellowship. SERVE OUR AGING POPULATION: As Hawai`i’s population ages, we expect more instances of health conditions that cause speech or language impairments, such as strokes and hearing loss. These increases are expected to add to the number of speech and language disorders in the population and require more speech-language pathologists to treat these patients.

CONDUCT RESEARCH TO IMPROVE TREATMENT: CSD also conducts research into communications disorders. One ongoing study aims to learn whether the deployment of U.S. military members has caused them to suffer significant hearing loss. Another project is seeking to discern whether standard measures to evaluate language-learning difficulties need to be revised to take into account cultural differences among people, including those for whom English is a second language.


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