Together, with diverse local, national, and international partners, the CRDG mathematics team carries out research, develops educational curricula for students and resources for teachers, and provides teacher professional development.

The mathematics team is guided by a set of core tenets that have been established over many decades of studying how curriculum can be used to influence the teaching and learning of mathematics.

  • Problem-solving is leveraged as the primary means for introducing and developing new topics.
  • A variety of communication strategies are used to make learning visible and increase opportunities for classroom interaction.
  • Ample opportunities for making connections are offered to students across a range of topics.
  • The development of mathematics understanding is designed to take place and be supported over time.
  • Challenging, yet accessible tasks are used to address the needs of a wide range of learners.


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A Modeling Approach to Algebra is a curriculum for ninth-grade Algebra I students that uses aspects of mathematical modeling to interpret, understand, and represent problems as well as to test, revise approaches, and report on solutions.

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Math Teachers’ Circle of Hawai‘i (MaTCH) brings together classroom teachers, mathematicians, and mathematics educators once a month for problem solving fun! MaTCH sessions focus on enhancing teachers’ mathematical content knowledge through solving challenging mathematics tasks, as well as on pedagogical issues related to the Common Core State Standards of Mathematical Practice.

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Measure Up is an elementary grades research and development mathematics project that focuses on developing children’s algebraic thinking, conceptualization, and skills. The mathematics and instructional approach being studied focuses on how students use non-numeric quantities (i.e., length, area, volume, and weight) in a measurement context to develop understandings of mathematics concepts.

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DevTe@m is a materials development project based at the University of Michigan School of Education that is working in partnership with CRDG. Researchers from the CRDG Math Team are pilot testing the practice-focused Dev-TE@M professional development materials with in-service elementary mathematics teachers during the 2016–2017 school year and CRDG’s Marketing and Publication Services (MaPS) team is producing the Dev-TE@M materials for dissemination.

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Selected CRDG mathematics materials

Algebra I: A Process Approach

This algebra curriculum develops problem-solving processes, promotes open-ended inquiry, introduces concepts through problems, and paces instruction to allow time for developing concepts, generalizations, and skills.

Geometry: A Moving Experience

Geometry: A Moving Experience is a high school curriculum that grounds students in the study of transformations to develop higher levels of thinking and support students’ ability to write proofs with understanding.

Reshaping Mathematics for Understanding

Reshaping Mathematics for Understanding is a set of middle school mathematics units that take a transformations-based approach in the study of mathematics. Important ideas such as measurement, proportional reasoning, and rational numbers are developed through transformational geometry.

Working ‘Round a Problem

Working ‘Round a Problem is a selection of short problem-solving tasks, taken from other CRDG mathematics curriculum, for students in Grades 6–11. The tasks are designed for teachers to use as supplementary to their existing curriculum.

Write Way Journal Prompts

Write Way Journal Prompts is a set of prompts, organized in grade spans, for writing in mathematics. The prompts are designed to encourage students to make connections among topics and to reflect on their learning.

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