Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)

CRDG continues to focus on P–20 learning progressions and associated curriculum development, professional development, evaluation, and implementation support in STEM. CRDG STEM programs are recognized nationally and internationally as being among the best inquirybased programs available.

Community Comes Together to Teach Teachers About Island Energy

CRDG’s Teaching Science as Inquiry (TSI) program partnered with the Maui Economic Development Board to present their Island Energy inquiry workshop statewide this year. Piloted in 2009 on Maui, the workshops were geared toward science standards for grades 5–12 and focused on integrating science with technology and engineering. Typical of the TSI program, the workshops […]

New Curriculum Products in Development

Curriculum developers in the STEM fields were busy this year with two new textbook projects. Mathematics faculty are collaborating with the Center for Excellence in Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Education at Iowa State University to create a new algebra text for the community college level based on the process approach used in CRDG’s popular and successful […]

Focusing on “Tough to Teach” Topics in Algebra

Creating resources focused on algebra I topics that teachers or students find challenging to teach or learn is the focus of the Developing Algebra Resources for Teaching (DART) project. The degree of interest in this area was highlighted when the attendance at a conference, co-sponsored by Texas Instruments, to introduce the project and recruit teachers […]

Building Twenty-first Century Manufacturing Skills

The Makery project has as its primary goal to help students understand that they can make things. The project has its roots in the Invention Factory, a previous project where students learned about the internal workings of things by modifying toys for use by people with disabilities. A central idea of both projects is that […]

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