Using Data to Drive Curriculum Development

One of the hallmarks of all CRDG developed curricula is a design based in part on empirical data and research. As part of the process of developing the computer literacy curriculum, the Learning Technology Section conducted a study wherein students were asked to consider their expertise and comfort levels with various software applications before and […]

New Curriculum Materials on Modern East Asia

The latest project in the Social Studies Section, begun in 2005, continues their ongoing work in the development of historically accurate and pedagogically sound instructional materials on Asia. The thematically based text for high school students focuses on Modern East Asia and, in particular, on the interrelationships among China (including Taiwan and Hong Kong), Japan, […]

Cross Currents Continues Japan/U.S. Connection Work continued in 2006 on Cross Currents, a bilingual multimedia educational Web site that contains extensive content about Japan and the United States and their interactions over the past fifty years. Partially funded by the Japan United States Friendship Commission, Cross Currents is a partnership that includes CRDG, the University of Hawai‘i College of […]

Studying the Role of Gender and Language for Mathematical Tasks

The National Science Foundation awarded researchers in CRDG’s Mathematics Section $450,000 to fund a three-year study of gender and mathematics. The research involves investigating genderrelated differences in language and actions used by parents and children when working on number, algebra, and geometry tasks. Data are gathered during videotaped sessions and analyzed for gender-related differences in […]

Measure Up Reaches Milestone

The Measure Up elementary mathematics research project continues to investigate the development of children’s algebraic thinking through the teaching of mathematics concepts using a measurement context. The project is based on the work of Russian psychologists, mathematicians, and educators with the initial development done in collaboration with the Institute of Developmental Psychology and Pedagogy in […]

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