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The Curriculum Research & Development Group (CRDG) in the College of Education at the University of Hawai‘i is unique among educational research and development centers.

We are proud of our nearly 40 years of commitment to quality. We bring together teams of classroom teachers, curriculum specialists, educational designers, content scholars, editors, evaluators, media specialists, publishers, and staff developers to research and create innovative and effective solutions to today’s educational problems. Our expert teams draw upon our own experience as well as the relevant research and expertise of others to create effective, award-winning programs for grades K–12. In addition to researching, developing, publishing, and disseminating effective programs, we provide professional development services and ongoing implementation support for educators and schools.

In this period of great change in our state, in our country, and throughout the world, we, along with so many others, have engaged in a process of introspection and analysis, and eventually in a reaffirmation of our guiding principles and a return to our roots. For CRDG, that means a refocusing on systems as a guiding principle in our work of contributing to positive change in the field of education.

While we work in a broad range of disciplines and do a number of different kinds of work, the common thread that runs throughout all of our work is our belief in systems as an organizing structure for educational improvement. As you browse this website, you will see that none of our projects deal with isolated elements of the school environment. Instead, we look at learning communities, addressing all of the elements that make up those communities, in putting together systems of curriculum, professional development, assessment, and community involvement. CRDG concerns itself with the P–20 continuum of education, including those who receive and those who deliver educational programs and services. While CRDG faculty are concerned with and address current needs, their primary focus is on creating innovations that by their very nature are intended to go beyond current practice to investigating and creating quality programs and materials for the future.

To perfect our programs, we work daily with students in our own University Laboratory School as well as in many cooperating schools throughout the nation. We know our programs work for diverse students in many different school settings because we have tested them there. CRDG-developed programs are recognized by professional associations and government agencies as among the best available. With the creativity, passion, and resourcefulness of our people, we will continue to create cutting-edge programs that meet the challenges of education in the 21st century.

Dr. Kathleen F. Berg
Director, CRDG






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