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Classes for UH Mānoa students

How do I connect to a class session?

It is critical that you remain in touch with your professors over this period to ensure that you are aware of the plans for your classes. If you have not done so already, log in to Laulima and familiarize yourself with the platform. Professors may choose to use Zoom, Google Hangouts or other technologies, so we encourage you to become familiar with these platforms for lectures and discussions in advance. The UH ITS Help Desk is available 24/7 to assist you should you experience difficulty.

More information is available on the UH Online Learning During an Emergency website.

What do I do if I don’t have a computer or access to the internet?

Computer labs will be open on campus, for now. While we will continue to maintain these facilities and follow proper cleaning protocols, we urge you to practice social distancing while in the labs, and to use disinfectant wipes on the surfaces before using them. The computer lab hours are available online.

Charter Communications/Spectrum is offering free WiFi for households with students for a limited time. Some restrictions apply. For more information, contact 1 (844) 488-8395.

I am a student with ADA accommodations. What should I do regarding remote instruction?

Please communicate clearly with your professor about what might not be working well for you. As with any accommodations due to disability, the process for providing you with what you need involves you communicating with your instructors. KOKUA is also available to support this process. For additional guidance, please visit the KOKUA website.

What about lab, studio and field-based courses?

Please remain in contact with your professors regarding plans for lab, studio and field-based courses. Many of these courses will be available online. A limited number of these courses will be held face-to-face, however some may be moved to larger classrooms to allow for social distancing.

As an international student, I am restricted from taking online courses. What should I do?

The federal government has provided flexibility to colleges and universities over this period to allow us to make temporary changes to course delivery. During this period, you will be permitted to take distance-delivered courses, either within the U.S., or outside of the country.

Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) is committed to remaining flexible in allowing schools to make temporary procedural adaptations so nonimmigrant students can continue to make normal forward progress in their program of study. They can temporarily engage in distance-learning, either from within the U.S. or outside the country, in light of COVID-19. SEVP will provide updated guidance as additional information concerning the scope and length of this situation becomes clearer.

More information is available online from the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) site.

We urge you to remain in contact with your professors during this period and to make them aware of any changes in your travel plans. As of now, UH will be teaching remotely for the rest of the semester.

If you have any questions, please contact International Student Services.

I am a veteran. Will the change to remote teaching affect my benefits?

Per the Office of Student Affairs and the State Approving Agency, individuals on GI Bill benefits will not be disrupted in their benefits due to the change in modality. For more information, contact the UH Office of Veterans Affairs.

Can I still come to campus?

While our campus will remain open for now, we ask that you only come to campus if you are required to do so to access instruction or campus services. If you are able to access what you need online, we encourage you to avoid coming to campus, as social distancing is critical at this time.

I work on campus. Am I able to come to work?

As of this time, student employees are able to work and maintain their expected work hours. Please be advised that work assignments might be altered to ensure social distancing.

Accessing Campus Services

What if I need to see my academic advisor. Am I able to do this online as well?

If you need immediate advising, please contact your academic advisor to see what is available, as in some cases, this may be done remotely. UH Mānoa will soon provide access to remote advising, using Zoom, via STAR Balance. Please keep a lookout for updates.

The Financial Aid Office, the Counseling and Student Development Center, and the University Health Center remain open for business.

Student Housing

Can I remain in Student Housing through this period?

Yes. The residence halls are fully operational. No one is being asked to check out or leave. Students who can return home to their permanent address over this period are encouraged to do so as social distancing is critical at this time.

If I am unable to return to my permanent address, can I stay on campus?

Yes. The residence halls, including the cafeterias, will remain open during this period.

We do ask that you practice social distancing in these spaces. For more information, please contact Student Housing.

Commencement Ceremonies

Traditional commencement ceremonies are canceled

The traditional commencement ceremonies for all 10 UH campuses have been canceled. Please see this story for more details of the announcement.

Any future information regarding commencement will be provided by email, the UH News site and the university’s Facebook and Twitter social media channels.

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