Typical Weekly Schedule; Training Activities

Training Activities Internship Training Components/Typical Weekly Schedule


Training Activities

Clinical Supervision from a Licensed Psychologist
Interns receive two hours per week of individual clinical supervision throughout the year. This supervision covers all clinical work with clients, core training activities, training experiences/methods, and benchmark competencies and evaluation. Review of videotapes is utilized during this training activity.

Supervision of Internship Experience
The Coordinator of Training meets with the interns on a monthly basis to assess how the internship training is meeting the interns’ needs and to solicit feedback about the training program. Additionally, the Coordinator of Training keeps an open door policy and interns are encouraged to meet informally and/or request additional meetings to focus on training concerns.

Intern Seminar
The Intern Seminar is a multipurpose forum for interns which pulls from the integration of knowledge acquired from research literature and theoretical study with clinical experience. The integration of knowledge and experience occurs through discussion between interns and the seminar facilitator, information provided by guest speakers, and intern case studies and presentations.  It is also an opportunity to discuss general questions regarding the internship experience and to receive supporting in meeting your training needs and goals.

Multicultural Training Seminar
The weekly Multicultural Training Seminar focuses on the development of skill and competence through in-depth discussions and peer feedback, experiential activities and field trips, presentations by interns and guest speakers, and the synthesis of current literature and practice.

Group Counseling Seminar
Group Counseling Seminar is held weekly and is attended by interns and other trainees and staff who lead groups. It is intended to provide a practical supervision and training experience in leading counseling groups that build upon the intern's previous academic training and experience in providing group counseling. Attention to group process within the seminar also serves as a concrete learning experience for the interns and other participants of the seminar.

Supervision of Supervision
This seminar focuses on concepts related to the intern’s development in the role of a supervisor. Videotape, assigned readings, and topical discussions are utilized to review and teach skills, incorporate the role of Supervisor into the intern's professional identity, and provide opportunities for peer feedback.

Clinical Supervision of Practicum Counselor
Interns are expected to provide clinical supervision to practicum counselors who receive training and provide direct services to CSDC clients. Interns meet face-to-face with practicum counselors for two hours a week. The number of practicum counselors vary, and the nature of supervision opportunities may change each year.

Intern Support Group
The intern class meets regularly for a minimum of one hour each week. The purposes of this training activity are to allow interns to share and discuss interests and concerns and to facilitate the development of mutual support and group cohesion. The intern group decides on the format and content based on their needs. They may discuss reactions to internship, process experiences they have had, and address various issues that arise during the course of the week.

Training Committee
Each semester, one intern is elected to join the Training Committee to discuss matters related to internship training. Interns are encouraged to offer feedback to the committee and participate in administrative processes. 

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