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Psychiatric Services

Students who find themselves experiencing serious depression or anxiety, are unable to control their behavior, or other symptoms that severly affect their ability to function in their daily lives may want to consult with one of our psychiatrists. Antidepressants and other psychiatric medications help many students control biological symptoms and allow them to be more successful in their lives.

Psychiatric Services are available primarily to students and are complemented by psychotherapy provided by CSDC staff counselors. A student requesting psychiatric services for medication will first participate in an intake assessment by a CSDC staff counselor. Your counselor will help you decide if psychiatric services are needed as a part of your treatment plan.

Eligibility For Services

  • Eligibility: Available to UHM students
  • Session Limits: Psychiatric services are linked with counseling / psychotherapy services from the CSDC psychologists, and are limited to 6 sessions per academic year. When longer term treatment is needed, students may be referred to outside practitioners.

Service Fees

Psychiatric services are billable through Medical insurance. Co-payment fees may apply. If uninsured, a nominal co-payment fee similar to that charged for physician services at the University Health Services, will apply.

How to Obtain Services

Psychiatrists are available during normal CSDC hours and do not provide on-call coverage during evenings or weekends. Some students require more intensive treatment than CSDC can provide and are referred to community treatment facilities. Average wait time for a psychiatric consult is one to three weeks.

If you think you might benefit from psychiatric services, please call CSDC to make an appointment with an intake counselor to discuss this possibility.