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Couples Counseling

Conjoint counseling for couples is available for UHM students and their partners or family members. Healthy relationships support academic success and personal growth. Intimate relationships, as well as family relationships, have predictable passages and points of development that can be stressful and potentially interfere with academic focus and performance. Breakups, or other forms of separation, can be extremely painful and there are times when an impartial professional can be most helpful or even necessary.

Counseling for couples is designed to provide a safe environment to come together to build awareness and skills that enable participants to improve communication and effective decision making, explore and resolve issues, enhance intimacy, clarify relationship boundaries, and increase positive time together.

Eligibility For Services

  • Eligibility: at least one member must be a currently enrolled UHM student
  • Session Limit: 6 couples sessions per academic year

Service Fees

No Charge

How to Obtain Services

To schedule an appointment, please call (808) 956-7927 or walk into the Center during business hours.