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About Us

Our Mission

The Counseling and Student Development Center (CSDC), a division of the Office of Student Affairs, has as its overall mission the provision of high quality mental health services to promote the academic success and well-rounded development of its students. Our services are oriented toward the individual needs of the students using a whole-person developmental perspective. We facilitate the acquisition of academic, personal, and social pursuits. In carrying out this mission, the Center is responsive to the diversity inherent in our uniquely international and multicultural island community.

About the Counseling and Student Development Center: Services & Programs

CSDC serves the mental health and career counseling needs of students, faculty, and staff at UHM. The Center is composed of interrelated programs adhering to a whole-person, developmental philosophy and approach to service delivery and program planning. These programs include Clinical Services, Training Programs, Outreach, Learning Assistance, Counselor-in-Residence, and the Testing Office.

Clinical Services is the largest program within CSDC offering psychological services, psychiatry, developmental interventions, outreach, and consultation to a diverse university community. Short-term individual psychotherapy, career counseling, and group counseling are the primary means of direct service delivery. Approximately two-thirds of clients present with personal issues and one-third career. A number of general therapy, theme-oriented, and structured groups are offered each semester as well as developmentally focused workshops and psycho-educational programs. Crisis and drop-in services are available during regular office hours. Assessment is used to guide the process of personal and career counseling and assist in treatment planning.