Vision of the Confucius Institute Hawai’i

The CI-UHM strives to respond to local and national needs in promoting education about Chinese language and culture, including (but not limited to) the following:

• Developing a Chinese language teacher certification program, in collaboration with the UH Departments of East Asian Languages & Literatures and Second Language Studies, and the UH College of Education. The CI-UHM has the potential to become a national leader in meeting the burgeoning demand in this field.

• Developing an articulated, on-line Chinese language curriculum for kindergarten through grade 12 students, in collaboration with the Hawaii Department of Education and UH’s National Foreign Language Resource Center. This too would respond to a recognized national need.
• Developing innovative language learning opportunities for populations that are not currently being served, including a summer language immersion sports camp, weekend classes, and online lessons for executives.

• Bringing the resources of UH-CCS faculty and students to the business, government, and general communities through lectures and other presentations.

• Supporting Hawaii’s film resources, including the Hawaii International Film Festival and the film program at the Doris Duke Academy, and the University’s own Academy for Creative Media, in promoting Chinese films and documentaries.

• Developing an online resource base to link Hawaii, the U.S. mainland, the PRC and other Chinese communities elsewhere, in promoting education about Chinese language and culture.