The University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa provides visitors with a variety of parking locations within walking distance to any campus destination. As part of our institutional commitment to environmental sustainability, we would also like to encourage you to consider alternatives to driving to UH Mānoa alone. Please see the pages under Ways to Manoa for other commute suggestions.
Pay to Park Vistor Machine
Scheduling your visit to the campus in the afternoon will also more likely ensure that you find a space. (Our peak parking demand is between 7:00 am and noon.)

For delivery, vendor services, consultants, and contractors, please click here for special instructions.
Location of Upper Campus Visitor Parking Lots
  • Behind Kennedy Theatre
  • Lot off University Ave. near Sinclair Library
  • Lot off University Ave. above Architecture Building
  • Along Varney Circle
  • Bio Med Parking Lot off of East-West Rd.
  • Next to Center for Korean Studies near East-West Rd.
  • Kuykendall Parking Lot
  • Music Building Parking Lot
  • Between Campus Center and Art Building
  • Law School Parking Lot
Click here for Visitor Parking Map.

Visitors parking on Upper Campus between 6:30am and 4:00pm must park in the green Pay-to-Park stalls. Payment is made at the automated Pay Stations located near the stalls in each lot. These Pay Stations accept credit cards (MasterCard and Visa) and cash (quarters, dollar coins, $1, $5, and $10 bills). Pre-paid parking may be purchased at $2.00 per half-hour increments; however, in an effort to create more available spaces, parking is limited to a 3-hour maximum before 4:00pm on weekdays.

While parked, please display on the dashboard of your vehicle the permit ticket issued from the Pay Station. Make sure the expiration time is visible through the windshield.

The purchase of a Pay-to-Park daily visitor permit from an automated Pay Station will allow parking and re-entry into any visitor lot on campus for the entire unexpired time.

After 4:00 pm and until 8:00 pm, visitor parking is a flat rate of $6.
Parking is free for vehicles entering after 8:00 pm (with exceptions for certain Special Events), and all day Sunday.

More Information
Student housing/dorm parking areas are reserved for campus residents only. Visitors are not allowed to park in the stalls located in these areas or in any stalls marked as 24-Hour Reserved Stalls.

Please familiarize yourself with UH Mānoa Parking Regulations and observe street and lot signs and markings while driving and parking on campus.

Commuter Services reserves the right to close parking lots, restrict entry to certain areas, and/or designate alternative parking locations as necessitated by special events and other circumstances.


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