The University reserves the right to issue a citation and/or impound (tow) any motor vehicle, moped, motorcycle, or bicycle on campus grounds in violation of parking regulations. Situations requiring citation and/or towing include, but are not limited to, parking illegally in a reserved or disability stall and parking in prohibited areas that affect health and safety (such as fire lanes or in front of a fire hydrant). Vehicles which have accumulated unpaid citations may also be towed.
Reserved Stall
Towed Vehicle Release
Motor vehicles towed from the Mānoa campus are taken by Ace Towing to their location on Sand Island. Ace Towing is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They will release the vehicle only to the registered owner of the car after cash payment of the tow and storage fee. Proof of registration or title, along with a current driver’s license, are also required at time of pickup.

Ace Towing
1040 Makepono Street
Phone: (808) 847-7811

The University assumes no responsibility in the event of damages resulting from towing of a vehicle.